The one eyed Raven

in #art4 months ago

This is a Game of Thrones reference, although I doubt that the artist wanted to do something with these books or story. In fact it's not even a one eyed raven, he's just looking at you curiously and perhaps a little judgmental, probably just curious but who knows.

It's painted in a monochromatic style, using the background wall's color to give it this aspect which is quite complicated if you are a newbie street artist.

The way the artist handles the shades and the colors to give the crow some depth and volume is managed beautifully and it's a technique hard to master, especially for wall painting artists.

It's also a very big crow, if you notice the background you'll see the bricks behind and notice how big they are, I believe these are 30cm tall bricks, making this a 2 meter crow at the very least.