Roman mosaic in the Roman villa of Casale.

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Right in the center of the island of Sicily, in the municipality of Enna, which can only be reached if one is willing to turn the wheel of the car a few hundred times, is a unique Roman villa from the end of the 3rd century. look where you look.

The Casale villa, which belonged to the co-emperor Maximiano, is considered by archaeologists to be an excess even by the standards of Roman debauchery. The complex of four main buildings and many other smaller annexes has a mosaic area of ​​over 3,500 m². They reproduce scenes of travel and heroes, of gods, of battles and daily scenes.

One of the mosaics that has the most impact is the one popularly known as “the girls in a bikini”, although its formal name is Room of the Ten Girls (Dieci Ragazze). Nine young people - one has been damaged and almost erased by the passage of centuries - are seen on the scene exactly wearing two pieces of underwear like the current ones. But since they are doing different gymnastic exercises, the experts had no trouble coming to the conclusion that these were athletes training for tests. It is surprising that women were part of sporting events and that the clothing was so similar to what is worn eighteen centuries later.

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