The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit - Week 5 | O Concurso Gaugan IA no Steemit - Semana 5

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The last week's winner of the Gaugan Contest was @eii

The payout of the post announcing the Contest was around 0.80 Steem, but I will send 1 Steem;
plus 5 CC and 2 PAL coin;
1 One SBI unit ( @steembasicincome );
and five 100% votes (1,941 SP) in the next 5 posts of @eii

Congratulations @eii - Prize was already transfered

O vencedor da última semana do Gaugan Contest foi o @eii

O pagamento do post anunciando o concurso foi de cerca de 0.090SP Steem, mas vou enviar 0.5 Steem;
mais 5 moedas CC e 2 moedas PAL;
1 Uma unidade SBI (@steembasicincome);
e cinco votos de 100% (1.941 SP) nos próximos 5 postagens de @eii

Parabéns @eii - O prémio já foi transferido

Gaugan's painting | Pintura Gaugan

@eii's Drawing | O Desenho de @eii

The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit - Week 5 |
Painting with Artificial Intelligence

I'm @steemean (Jimbo) , I'm six years old and I asked my father to help me to write my idea for a contest on Steemit.
It took two weeks for me to write it in Portuguese and my father made it in English.
Make Art with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This a Contest for 10 weeks and rounds, started last Sunday.

  • Go to Nvidia Gaugan and be a true artist with AI
  • Publish only one original draw and the paintings made by AI Gaugan with diferent effects.
  • The posts must have the tag #gaugan, and if you want the tag #contest
  • The tag #gaugan must be put until the fourth position to show on Steemit
  • The post must be published until 11:45 PM - Western European Time (WET) every Sunday.

I will choose and announce the winner in a max of two days after the post is closed on the seventh day.

The winner gets:

  • All the steem rewards of the last week contest post ;
  • One SBI unit ( @steembasicincome );
  • 5 CC (Creative coins);
  • 1 PAL coin (Palnet);
  • My vote for 5 posts made by the winner . (1,941 SP)

Please help this contest, delegate to @steemean, donate Steem for the winner of the contest, or vote or resteem this post.

Thanks to @fraenk of @googlyeyes for the help and the contest idea, to @brickmanbrad and others for the support, and to my father for helping to write my ideas.
My favorite contest on Steemit is @googlyeyes. Please participate.

An please check the new Lego contest by @brickmanbrad
Time for a Lego Contest!!! - This one's for you Jimbo!!! - No Resteem, Upvote or Follow Required

O Concurso Gaugan IA no Steemit - Semana 5
Concurso Pintar com Inteligência Artificial

Eu sou o @steemean (Jimbo), tenho seis anos e pedi ao meu pai para me ajudar a escrever a minha ideia para um concurso no Steemit.
Demorou duas semanas para eu escrever este post em Português, e o meu pai fez em Inglês
Faça arte com Inteligência Artificial (IA)

Este é um concurso para 10 semanas e rodadas, todos os Domingos.

  • Vá para Nvidia Gaugan e seja um verdadeiro artista com a IA
  • Publique um artigo só com um desenho original e as pinturas feitas pela IA - Efeitos Diferentes
  • Os posts devem ter a tag #gaugan, e, se quiser tag #contest
  • A tag #gaugan deve ser posta até á quarta posição para se ver no Steemit
  • A publicação deve ser feita até ás 23h45 - horário da Europa Ocidental (WET) todos os domingos.

Escolherei e anunciarei o vencedor num máximo de dois dias, após o fecho deste post no sétimo dia.

O vencedor recebe:

  • Todas recompensas do post semanal do concurso;
  • Uma unidade SBI ( @steembasicincome );
  • 5 moedas CC (creativecoin);
  • 1 moeda PAL (Palnet);
  • Meu voto em 5 posts feitos pelo vencedor. (1,941 SP)

Ajudem este concurso delegando para o @steemean, doando Steem para o vencedor de todos os concursos, ou vote ou resteem este post.

Obrigado ao @fraenk do @googlyeyes pela sua ajuda e pela ideia do concurso, e ao @brickmanbrad pelo seu suporte, a muitos outros que me apoiam, e ao meu pai por ajudar para eu escrever as minhas ideias.
O meu concurso favorito no Steemit é @googlyeyes. Por favor participem

E vejam o novo concurso Lego por @brickmanbrad
Time for a Lego Contest!!! - This one's for you Jimbo!!! - No Resteem, Upvote or Follow Required

One Example of a Post for the Gaugin AI Contest.

Um Exemplo de um Post para o Concurso Gaugin IA.

Make a draw. | Faça um Desenho

With Nvidia Gaugan create the paintings | Com o Nvidia Gaugan crie as pinturas

AI help me to be an artist and painter. :) Be an artist with Nvidia Gaugan AI Painter

A IA ajuda-me a ser um artista e pintor :)
Seja um artista com Nvidia Gaugan

Say if you like the contest and participate.
Jimbo the kid of Steemit

I'm only six years old, please read this introduceyourself post in , Jimbo The kid of Steemit

Digam se gostaram do concurso e participem.
Jimbo, o puto do Steemit

Eu tenho apenas seis anos de idade, por favor leia este post em introduceyourself, Jimbo The kid of Steemit


Hi Jimbo (@steemean),
I gave it a try and here is my entry:
Hugs & good vibes over there 😉

Thanks a lot very good one. Really liked it

Congrats to the winner, it’s amazing what can be done, maybe I’ll try and be a virtual artist!

Thanks a lot @drakernoise. :)
Few people on the contest. :(

Don't worry too much about that,. it's very difficult to engage people on contests unless it's very easy stuff.
If you have enough free time keep It on, It will grow with time 😉

Thanks a lot.
I will keep on trying.

Thank you @steemean.

!giphy art

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Thanks a lot for your entry and support.

Hey @steemean, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!




@annzhao 所长 迎着沙尘暴 骑着皮皮虾 给您送来

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You lose! 你输了!不给我点赞,你就再吃我一拳~


It’s a tie! 平局!再来!下回我再出拳头!

This is an amazing contest, commented and upvoted. Have a nice day my friend. Greetings from Argentina.

Thanks a lot friend.
You're welcome to participate.

@sgt-dan dropped this on PYPT, hopefully we can get it some more exposure!

@alliedforces curate

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 82.06%

Thanks a lot for the support of the contest.

I love this post so I shared it on the Pimp Your Post Thursday #PYPT Show this past week!

Good job Jimbo! I wish you much good fortune in the contest!

Thanks a lot friend, for voting and promoting this post.:)
I'm very happy and proudyou like my job.

You are doing very well! There are also others looking to promote you on the STEEM platform to include @enginewitty founder of the @thealliance community (they are known as the FAMBLAM by many)! He and his community, people from all around the world, are much more influential than me.



@annepink 萍萍 迎着大雪 骑着拖把 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



It’s a tie! 平局!再来!下回我再出拳头!

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