Lost Photos of Googlyeyes - The Butterfly | Fotos perdidas de Googlyeyes - A borboleta

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Hi everybody, I'm running the Gaugan AI Contest on Steemit .
Check here
- Post till Sunday

Olá a todos, Eu comecei o concurso IA Gaugin no Steemit.
Veja aqui - Faça post até Domingo

Lost Photos of Googlyeyes 2 -Butterfly

I found my first googlyeyes when I was 3 years old to post on @googlyeyes and @googlyprize

Fotos perdidas de Googlyeyes 2 - Borboleta

Encontrei o meu primeiro googlyeyes que fiz aos 3 anos, para publicar no @googlyeyes e @googlyprize

Say if you like it.
Jimbo the kid of Steemit

I'm only six years old, please read this introduceyourself post in , Jimbo The kid of Steemit

Digam se gostarem.
Jimbo, o puto do Steemit .
Eu tenho apenas seis anos de idade, por favor leia este post em introduceyourself, Jimbo The kid of Steemit

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the nicer side of autumn are the browning leaves... but I'm already looking forward to spring when all these googly butterflies turn green again.

Hehe . leaves with 3 years old.
Hunting for more googlyeyes in the Spring . :)
Too cold now.

That so cute 😍 my vote. Happy day. 💕

Thanks @wakeupkitty .
Happy day for you too. :)

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Really nice.

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