A Look at Some of my Cringe-worthy Art, Old and New

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Because "cringey," isn't a word, apparently. Anyway, since I can't think of anything worthwhile to work on at the moment, I figured I'd show off some of my old work. Much as I'd like to show you some animated GIFs, my animations are all done at multiple levels, with but top-level and sub-level components having separate motions, and only top-level motion is actually exported. Therefore, some of these I may go back to at a later date in a video compilation of my 2D animations. Anyway, first is the most recent, and is almost up to my standards:
Kaja casual.PNG
This is Kaia Blackwing, my shameless self-insert character from the Nine Empires. I'm not going to say much about her now, since her name isn't even mentioned until book 3, Machinations of Crowns and Chains, and she doesn't become a POV character until book 5, Clashes of Ambition and Empire. More information here:
Anyway, she'll appear throughout this post, with various poses I've created reflecting my opinion toward my own work. Example:
Kaja_right lets get through this.PNG
"Right, let's get through this..."

You'll end up seeing all of the poses, as well as actual character animation, when I start using her for certain types of videos.

First up is some of my oldest work, which is totally unoriginal:
In case you couldn't tell, this is a black rider, a.k.a. Nazgûl, a.k.a. Ringwraith. I am a huge fan of Tolkien's work, and have read nearly all the books, including obscure works such as the Book of Lost Tales. Tolkien's work is probably the only non-grimdark fantasy that I still like, whereas everything else that I used to like, I am now ambivalent toward. Anyway, more!
Winged Nazgul.PNG
I started work on the winged fellbeast, but I never finished it. The head is actually an adaptation from an even earlier work that I was commissioned to make called the Black Rose Wyrm, but which my customer/friend, who goes by the handle XSerenaX on PTRO found to be a bit TOO frightening for her purposes. However, she was able to use the details on the head for her dragon template, which I then adapted into the fellbeast. So, yeah, not very good, but I give it a pass simply because I never finished it. Next!
Witch-King 1.PNG
The Witch-King of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgûl, greatest of the nine. I've also made an adaptation of the version described in The Return of the King, which is much closer to the version in the older Rankin/Bass 1980 animated film, but it's too horrible for even this sickening trip down memory lane. Besides, while there are some things that the 1980 version did better than the 2003 version, I still think the latter is a much better movie. This next piece, however, is not from any film:
Witch-King 2.PNG
That's right! This is a 2D adaptation of the Witch-King as he appears in The Battle for Middle-Earth II: Rise of the Witch-King, one of my favourite RTS games (still behind anything in the AoE or C&C series, but one of my favourites nonetheless). Again, it's not very good, but I made it mainly to see if I could do better than EA, since, in my opinion, the Witch-King model in the game was a bit sloppy. Seriously, pop it in, play as Angmar, and zoom in on the Witch-King's pauldrons - they look terrible.

Kaja pondering.PNG
"Hmm, not bad, let's see if the original work is any better."

Fire Wyrm.PNG
The fire wyrm, a re-coloured, un-armoured version of the Black Rose Wyrm. I'm afraid that I don't have a finished version of the latter, and I have no clue why. Now, I don't find this thing to be overly horrifying, but someone evidently did. While we're on the subject of fiery creatures, here's an even more unusual one:
Fire Golem.PNG
It's supposed to be a fire golem, inspired largely by the fire elemental from Heroes of Might and Magic II. It's supposed to be flickering, but that's a sub-level animation, and wouldn't be exported to an animated GIF.

Kaja confused.PNG
"Right, so it's 'original' work that isn't very original. I guess the real originals are too scary as well. I mean, to be fair, most people I know found Heroes II rather frightening the first time they played it, because it doesn't give you an easy start the way BFME does. Then again, when someone can deal with a demonic floating blade, but not a spider, you never know WHAT will send them into hysterics."

Next, we have my single best experiment in teaching myself how to use Adobe Flash CS3 for 2D animation: the ice-nymph Tiamárda (a figure from Rhûnnish mythology, after whom a type of Rossberan ironclad is named) shooting her reflex bow
Tiamarda 1.PNG
Tiamarda 2.PNG
Tiamarda 3.PNG
I had to have the bowstrings selected, because for some reason, they don't show up in the construction file in Adobe Animate CC, the later version of Flash CS3 that I'm currently using on my secondary computer. They show up just fine when I export the scene in any video format, and I'll go into detail about that at a later date.

Kaja_right lets get through this.PNG
"I'm BORED!"

Here's another character from Rhûnnish mythology, the tiny yet powerful sorcerer Ublov. I drew the character by hand, then scanned it and traced it in CS3:
He spends most of his time floating around, as depicted in the pose on the left, cackling maniacally as he executes his nefarious schemes. I might make some stories about him, but mythology within the context of my fictional world is not much of a priority for me. However, there are some stories that I may need to tell for the purposes of context, much like the opera depicted in Final Fantasy VI. Speaking of FFVI,
Harlequin ballerina.png

Kaja has enough.PNG
"What in pus-spewing, blood-gutted hell is THAT?!"

Kaja looking up.PNG
"Never mind, I don't care, I'm out of here."

Kaja spreads her wings.PNG

Bloody shape-shifters...

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