Recycle Metal Art & Steampunk Sculptures

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New York City, Bryant Park. Winter Village, Nov. 21028

Winter Village this year is filled with charming little shops that sell all kind of things, one more interesting than another. Tourists and non-tourists pass by and shop every day, all day long.


The most interesting shop for me is the Metal Park shop. That is because I am a wire sculpture artist myself.


I am not the only curious one, people are lining up to enter this small shop, and you will shortly see why.


These are the two guys who run this particular shop. I asked them if they make the sculptures and they said these are pieces made by 10 artists.


This impressive 7ft sculpture welcomes you at the entrance.


And here is the sign. One-of-a-kind recycled metal art, made out of motorcycle parts. 7 ft, 950 lbs.


They let me take pictures of their stock. Check out these amazing pieces! You can see some tags with prices, in USD. I saw some small pieces for $5 too. I will definitely buy a few pieces for myself. I saw a dragon I loved, I don't understand how come I didn't take a photo, I guess I was too excited and in a rush to snap, snap, snap!







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super cute and wow the metals are terrific. i would love to see your work. gosh how i miss nyc. so much creativity and the energy ... aghh homesick

thank you for sharing

I am sure you come often and visit. A New Yorker will always be a New Yorker. My wire art consists of wall decor pieces that I have a problem parting with them. I get attached so bad. I make wire wrapped Jewelry also, here is a link to my Etsy store, you’re welcome to visit so you can get an idea -

Wow, they are awesome. Last year, we decided to make steampunk part of our wedding theme, and I fell completely in love with the style. These sculptures remind me of it.
It's a shame I live on the other side of the world, 'cos I would really like to take a look inside that little stord :0)

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Wedding theme? How cool 😎 I totally love steampunk, my wire art goes in that direction. I dream of opening my own little shop one day. It will happen. 😊

Wow that was amazing I salute to the person behind that fantastic metal .I really don't have an an idea how did they created that piece

Talent for sure. 😊

Wow that looks amazing and I want to go there

Yes, this place must be visited. 😊

wow, epic!

Exactly. Amazing stuff 😊

awesome! look like museum.

Cool stuff, I want to buy everything 😉

I envy people who can work with metal.


I never took shop in high school and can easily injure myself with a paper clip!

Good post.

Namaste, JaiChai

😆 my daughter too 😆

So cool - when I lived in NYC the xmas markets were definitely one of my favorite things - and this just gave me a wave of nostalgia! Love the art you found at this one - that sculpture is so intricate!

It surely is, I want to go back and buy a few pieces.

these are stunning! Awesome work, did you manage to grab a couple for yourself?

Not yet, I am going back this coming weekend and buy some.

Wow that is really cool. I have only been to NYC once and didn't see that. Would love to look around that shop.

It is in Bryant park, right at the entrance from 6th ave.

Great to see some good work out of nothing....great work

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I love recycle and upcycle 😉

the aliens look stunning, love them..

Yeeess... they are so well executed, amazing talents there 😊

Wow, these are incredible! It's amazing to see such talent in taking old things and making them new.

~ Mako

Definitely. Upcycling is an art.

The metal art looks good however my wife and I like paintings and have our house full of them.

We’re all different, we collect different things. I love paintings too, but I never bough one, I prefer other art pieces.

Looks like these metal art figurines would make really great Christmas gifts!
This winter market looks like the place for great finds :-)

I agree, I will buy a few gifts for sure. 🎁

I love the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in your last picture. These are truly awesome.

Yes they are, I love all of them 😉

In the metal shop how much is the cheapest article there

All those metal work is a good project back then by some people to make the museum great

Amazing. Almost all of them are made of vehicle parts like nut and bolts, gears fork handles. I saw a similar one in bangalore, India. But it was displayed as a bull with all the vehicle parts. I guess it is also worth joining in this queue. I need to search my pictures on the phone. May be I will post this separately when I was free.

Super beautiful.
Most seem to be handmade,
It’s really not expensive to sell only a few dollars.
Like me also have sculpture-stone carving,
It takes a few days for each time,
But it only sells a few dollars.
Because stone carving is my leisure,
After Huge amount, them no place can to ,
I will also take some resales to people who like her.

Just great, very nice photos. I have not been in NYC, I hope may one day I will visit it. And this Metal Park shop too

Oh wow! This is amazing really.. And the photos are really cool. Thanks for share :)

wow so nice...

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Very nice photo. I like it very much.

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Wow that is really art amazing photos! looks like a dream to me.

Wow that was huge!!! 7ft! I really admire those artworks, hope I can visit NYC someday...

So cool,this is my first time of reading from your blog and I must say it's very interesting being here as I get to know more about NYC city....

This is @opeyemil from kryptonia

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So cool,this is my first time of reading from your blog and I must say it's very interesting being here as I get to know more about NYC city....

This is @opeyemil from kryptonia

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