Hero: Quest for EOS contest winners are in!!!

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I was blown away by how sweet these entries ARE! Everyone did a damn fine job. If you missed the original contest it can be found here:


Our winner drew me as a cartoon like a boss! So without further ado here are our winners!:

credit: Artwatch

A hero commanding the powers of the storm travels between different dimensions, searching for a way to help the people of his world. He finds a questionable presence which presents an opportunity to save his people. But a dire price is required: will our hero have the courage to make a grave sacrifice?

1st place Artwatch
: https://steemit.com/art/@artwatch/will-you-help-me-save-morcrytia-original-story-oc-storyboarding-art-for-stargarden

2nd place Michelleart
: https://steemit.com/painting/@michelleart/my-hero-s-tale

Michelleart's hero is an interstellar being named Angel; who travels the stars, although has a vast love of the water and its denizens. She desires the eos and will make the world a better place.

@michellart I still need your openledger / bitshares address so I can send off your prize!

3rd place Eirik
: https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@eirik/quest-to-find-eos

Tooq hunts for the Eos nonstop. With a picture in hand of an unknown lake, he embarks on an epic journey. Hunger overtakes him as he stops at a nearby lake to fish when something magical happens.

Thanks everyone that participated and tuned in it was amazing!!! Stargarden out <3


Congregations, doing a good job.the drawing is cool.

Hey do you think I could recruit you as a judge today? I have a contest going on today and artists only have 24 hours to get voted on. We could use more voters in the comments here https://steemit.com/steemit/@artwatch/the-popular-vote-steemit-coloring-contest-take-a-moment-to-vote-and-make-a-minnows-day-you-decide-who-will-win-usd40

I thank you in advance if you have a spare moment.

It was hella fun! - working on a little more here soon! We shall finish the quest thunder lord by my eye we will!

I am definitely looking forward to it ... IMG_0004.JPG

I took your storyboard sketch/idea and tried to make something interesting for you for my 700 milestone request completion post. https://steemit.com/steemit/@artwatch/a-thank-you-to-my-700-sponsorship-some-of-you-are-tagged-in-this-post-because-i-have-an-offer-to-make

Hope you like it... changed what your hands are doing though.

And hes at it again - heres @artwatch crushing my little humiliating sketch


You are the man @artwatch I want to commission a whaleshares team "portrait" w @jphenderson @patelincho @akrid @officialfuzzy

Congratulations to all the winners! Those are all absolutely great!

That is really great.

@artwatch @eirik @hynet @deadspace @notonlyfood @darkerhorse @kaungsetzaya @fahim75 thank u guys for tuning in so much!!! I think I may turn this into a comicontest whatya fine folks think?

haha sorry I didn't catch this - I don't get notifications about my @ tags for some reason. :(

Anyways you know I am down. Comics are my jam.

This happened to be actually of the collest writing contests. And deepdreamgenerator is an awesome site.

Thank you stargarden!

Thanks for turning up and kicking ass =-) dont forget you can use a custom style image in deepstyle - upload your own its super fun

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before. Congrtulations to all winners.✌️

This is a really interesting post, thank you very much for sharing this with us :)

thanks for tuning in =-p

sweet idea :)

It actually turned out great ! I imagine in the future collaboration =-)

Nice :) upvoted and followed.

Why don't you check my last story about art?

https://steemit.com/photography/@notonlyfood/6th-july-world-kiss-day-historical-kisses I hope you will leave a vote

congrats to winners

Awesome! Congratulations to the winners!

I still do not belief in EOS ...
my main points of consern are:
There is much discussion going around that EOS is a scam. This is down to two key points:

  1. The purchase agreement (https://eos.io/purchaseagreement/EOS%20Token%20Purchase%20Agreement%20-%20June%2022,%202017.pdf), which states that EOS tokens have “No purpose”:
  • EOS TOKENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, USES OR ATTRIBUTES. The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform. Company does not guarantee and is not representing in any way to Buyer that the EOS Tokens have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features.

  • NOT A PURCHASE OF EOS PLATFORM TOKENS. EOS Tokens purchased under this Agreement are not tokens on the EOS Platform. Buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees that Buyer should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation made by Company that Buyer will receive any other product, service, rights, attributes, functionalities, features or assets of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, any cryptographic tokens or digital assets now or in the future whether through receipt, exchange, conversion, redemption or otherwise.



    As such, there does not appear to be a set in stone definition of what the exact function of each token has – if any - on the EOS platform.

  1. A contradiction that has arisen from the fact that the EOS ICO was aggressively advertised in the U.S., even though the Purchase Agreement prohibits American residents from buying tokens

 No U.S. Buyers. The EOS Tokens are not being offered to U.S. persons. U.S. persons are strictly prohibited and restricted from using the EOS Distribution Contract, using the EOS Token Contact and/or purchasing EOS Tokens and Company is not soliciting purchases by U.S. persons in any way. If a U.S. person uses the EOS Distribution Contract, uses the EOS Token Contract and/or purchases EOS Tokens, such person has done so and entered into this Agreement on an unlawful, unauthorized and fraudulent basis and this Agreement is null and void.

you may find this post helpful in better understanding the EOS purchase agreement: "Shedding some light on the EOS Token Purchase Agreement"

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