my comic: Android Blues 66 - 68

in art •  last year  (edited)


Lisa meets the devil.

Next pages of my graphic novel.

Page 66:


Page 67:


Page 68:


Thanks for watching!

Previous pages:
Next pages:

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wow just found you on steemit chat, glad i opened, awesome and followed:)

Hello stahlberg !
I've been very busy today !! But once I finished my work I went back to watch the episode today!
By the way! Today's pages were fantastic as we always did!

i have resteemed this post stahlberg

Thanks! :)

Astonishing artwork! The details of these drawings are out of this world. And the story is so intense! Amazing job, keep it going! 🤗

My favorite scenes so far. Evokes Lucifer from Gaiman’s Sandman for me. But of course, our Devil here is a Beatnik. Respect.

Totally agree - sandman meets heavy metal!

Lolwut, that was strange hehe, Not complaining Awesome Comic :D
Made me think about this song xD

haha cool I never heard that one before, really interesting!
When I drew it I was more thinking of Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil, and this one for the atmosphere of the cafe:

This is getting really interesting :)

woow! really you excellent stahlberg !

Thank you!

thanks to you pro !

excellnt ! good job !

Dude these are amazing !!! I'm looking for artists to collaborate with for film projects are you on discord ? Trying to get stuff going asap!!

Very nice few pages, looking forward to a few more.

I wasn't expecting a beatnik Beelzebub. This is going on interesting directions.

The devil is Beatnik. I can't breathe XD


That scene with the devil is a fresh breath with his charming absurdity, seems he is a sort of trickster/mentor. Love it ;)

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