Another Vampire: Lizette Cordoba from "Children Of The Revolution"

in #art5 years ago

An illustration of Lizette Cordoba, a relatively new vampire, as vampires go - you can read more of her back story here:


Here's the first version of this illustration:


And an intermediate version:



From nothing more than a username and a clever little icon, I have never really read fantasy but I can't help but feel it might be my new pass time. Definitely going to checkout that site more. Very interesting read thanks alot for linking it, did you write it? And your art is great as usual based on the few I've seen

Thanks! No, I didn't write it, there's a whole team of writers working on the backstories for these characters of this universe. Apparently it's been around a long time, since the 90's I think. :)

I'm actually stupidly curious about the purple piece of paper for no real reason XD Do you draw the characters naked to begin with or was there originally totally different context?


haha the purple paper was just random... I usually try to sketch out anatomy before I start sketching the clothing. Either that, or I eventually have to go back and sketch out the body underneath to check if it's right. :)

Oh that makes sense. Now that you mention it I do remember doing something similar from before I started using my 3d bases in drawings :)


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