Unique Spiral Implosion Pendant

in art •  last year

This is the only pendant like this I've ever made and it combines two commonly used pendant making techniques. I used the implosion technique which I've talked about in previous posts but I also employed an alternating black and white pattern before twisting the implosion. This creates the black and white spiraling background behind the twisted implosion. I had a lot of fun making this piece. One of the most enjoyable aspects of glass art is experimentation and this piece provides a good example of how experimenting creates uniqueness.

I particularly love how these pendants look in direct sunlight.

The quarter is for scale.

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Beautiful work :D


Thank you!

upvoted&followed, look at my photos :)


Upvoted and followed back, thank you for the support!

Beautiful work! Amazing how small it is, considering the amount of detail.


Thank you! Check out my other work if your interested, my blog has a few other pendants posted.

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