Time jump concept

in #art2 years ago

Some ideas for a new story that takes place 20 years after the first comic. Tring to get more and more gory and over the top. Been going deep on the out-law /splatter punk comic art of the late 80's. I only have 8 more pages of the first comic's revamp. I been drawing other things for about 2 weeks now I really need to finish it. Anyone else have that issue. Can never seem to finish a project, what is up with that? Long time ago ( 15 years ago ) I start watching the rurouni kenshin series and stoped right before the last episode ( my favorite cartoon series) I finally finished it a few years ago. Same thing with other books and Tv shows, and also art projects. It is really really strange. Maybe in may I'll finish the Comic re-vamp and finally get it published. Publisher just sitting there waiting for me to get done. HAha

timejump8 (2).jpg

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