Book news!

in #art2 years ago

Quick update. Have a new name for the title of the comic. Going to try to get a friend to do the cover art. Just to mix things up a little. Getting ready to publish it so might as well help someone else get some coverage. Going to talk to him today about it. It's been about a year since we have had any real conversations. A little worried my world view and his has drifted to far apart. So I'm going to need to be nice and easy to warm things up again. I have known him forever it seems and it would be super easy for me to go full-blown tin-foil-hat, 0 to 60 mph in an instant. SO I'm going to need to tap the breaks. Hope everyone has a great day! Keep on trucking!!


New art soon. Just have to clear off the clutter that is on top of my scanner!

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