Sketching emotions

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One of the reasons I like to publish here one/two times at day is that thanks the contents I wrote I can share all about the creative process behind my own artworks. Not just the work in progress of a new artwork, but everything I (like every creative people) have to do to have the result I want (or I hope) making art.

I like to share my daily exercices and all the studies I have to sketch and that usually a buyer can't see. I use to share my contents online also because I want my buyers know more about me and about the work "behind the scenes" and so here I am. ^_^

Yesterday I was talking with a student of art in the class of my hubby and he said he really couldn't image how much studies there were behind some of my characters and it's true. As you know, I use an illustrative style in my oil paintings, so when I'm studying a new character, especially if I want to paint his/her entire body, I have to do a double work: 

- at first I have to study the pose I want in a realistic way. I can use images from a magazine or that I found online or, if I didn't find the right pose, I take a pic of myself in that pose ;), but the first step is always a realistic (or more realistic) sketch. This thing help me to understand the essential lines, shadows and hightlights of the body;

- at second, I have to study how to represent that pose in my own illustrative style and this phase is not so simple, because I don't want my character looked like a sort of Frankstein ^_^  To find the right way to paint a pose using my own style I use to sketch it a lot of time before to feel myself satisfied. Sometimes I study the way that some of my favorite comic artists use to represent the body in different poses, but after I have to clean my mind because the risk is that their own style compromise my own style and so, between those studies and the start of a new painting, I use to leave my hands free to work on the blank pages of my sketchbooks ^_^

I want to show you the sketch I made yesterday to clean my mind from the last exercises I made inspired by the style of Milo Manara.

No, this sketch is not in the Manara's style (that I love so much), but it was a way to clean my mind and my hand before to sketch this scenes using my own style ;)

I took some pics of the work in process too, because it could be interesting for you. I started this sketch with no idea on what I want to represent, I just wanted to sketch the face of a scared woman. 

When I finished the face I thought it was not enough. "Why she's scared???" I asked to myself and so I started to add the other part of the scene . ^_^

Well, the sketch is ready, now I have to find the time to paint it ^_^

See ya soon and stemm on!


silvia beneforti
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I like how expressive the woman is ! A strong feeling is being conveyed with both of her face is drawn and her body language, as well... And I like the balloon heads at the top of the page, too :)


Thanks, it's really interesting to study strong feelings on a face. Evene if usually I paint my character with a smile, sometimes I feel the need to work on different expressions ^_^

Wow! When I was reading your lines, I thought that am front of scene, really fantastic, you have to imagine the personality then you can paint it.


I'm tryig to excercising myself to paint /sketch strong emotion. It's not so simple, but the time I spend to learn something new it's always a good time ^_^


Hi dear! I know that so difficult but it’s a great to start creating a new things.
Good luck 👍.


Thanks so much ^_^

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We should have a tag, other then sketch, that is for artists daily scribbles. A tag we feel is a way to say, "hey this is just some scribbling from my head today, it might lead to a painting or simply inspire a background" sort of tag... It'd be nice to post like that some days with just a quick sketch from our journal/whatever and say, hey here it is...I wonder what would be a good tag? Maybe #scribble Or #journal or something like that? Of course these might already exist?