My new soft sculpture is done! ^_^

in art •  20 days ago

At the end, after some days thinking about it, I found the way to finish my new soft (almost soft) sculpture. I removed something and I added something else, but now it's finally done!

I'm having so much fun making this kind of sculpture, because it's like to be a child who want to have a doll and she makes her  own doll by herself using just the materials she has at home. Everyone could has her/his own doll, just using his/her imagination!

For this one (you can see the first steps here and here) I used these materials: metal wire, paper, fabric, a mix of vinyl adhesive and water, my oil colors and some coats of varnishing ^_^

This is the third piece that  I made using this tecniques and I think I'll make other similar sculptures like this so I could improve my skills on this tecniques creating something I like.

The idea came to me before Christmas, because I felt the need to reproduce my usual "rounded head" character in 3 dimensions and while I'm working on the first one my hands started to work on old style dress, giving to the figures a sort of retrò atmosphere. 

I added a sort of pet (maybe it's a freaky cat or maybe something else ^_^) to this piece and the human figures looks like a sort of flowers with the leaves.

In the following pic you can see all the pieces I made using this tecnique:

I hope you like them!

See ya soon


silvia beneforti
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I like it, but the cat is a bit scary.


It's true, he's a bit scary, but in the night he become more scary! :P

Ahaha ,that cat is too much :D like these surreal creatures coming to life, It's all looking very good


I need to work on different figures/things to create a sort of setting, because I'm pretty sure these pieces come to life when I'm sleeping :P

It's very good and I do like the freaky cat!


Thanks so much, dear Meesterboom! I'm starting to think that almost every piece I make is a little bit freaky because I'm freaky too :P


It's a good freaky! :0D

The cat really makes me smile :)

Such a wonderful creation, @silviabeneforti ! I love the dolls and the little kitty pet, also :D The leaves wings makes the central figure feels like a fairy <3


Thanks!!! It's true, the central figure looks like a sort of fairy <3

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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