Happy Monday with a new sketch ^_^

in art •  4 months ago

To start a new week I think nothing is better than a good cup of coffeee and some positive thoughts. Yes, I started my Monday with the mot "Think pink!" and to have inspiration to do it, I watched one of my favorite book: the Ikea catalogue ^_^

Sure, the textures of the sofa that I watched in the catalogue are really inspiring!

I think my hubby couldn't love a sfa with a pattern like this, but I can image it like a background for some of my next paintings, right?

As usual, I toook also some pics of the process too!

At first, I sketched the girl using a pencil:

After, I used a black pen on the girl:

At that point, I start to use my colored chalk pastel pencils:

Et voilà, I fixed a simple idea for one of my next oil paintings ^_^

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

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I could see that print as a cool accent chair...how fun would that be.


I don't think my hubby would an entire chair with that print, but maybe he could "accept" a pillow :D


Lol .... Well that would be a good start then....you never know after that!

I love her expression, she looks how I feel this morning. I think I had a fun weekend but maybe too fun and now I'm paying for it.

I love your motto think pink, I LOVE to think and paint pink too!


Sometimes we pay too much a fun weekend :P