Coming back to the birds.

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Strange days for me and my art. I'm alternating caricatures and birds like subjects of my paintings. The first ones are a sort of cathartic moments that I use to put away some bad thoughts and improve my skills in something different from my usual style, at the same time. The second ones are my ways to come back to normal, to my usual style. Both of them are really usuful to grow up what I am and what I make in art.

I'm using the same kind of sheet of paper to paint the caricatures and the others: large sheet of grey paper that I place on the easel, so I can paint standing up. When I paint standing up, I feel my back better and my movements are more "fluid" on the paper or on canvas. I use to listen music thanks my headphones and so I can focus my attention on what I'm doing, leaving all the world out of myself. Just me, my brushes and my oil colors. It's a nice sensation, believe me! ^_^

Now I'm working on 4 different birds, all in the same large sheet of paper that I'll cut at the end. Yesterday night I almost finished the second one and today I'll work on the third one.

I like to paint the birds, my brushes looks to work on them by themselves following every lines, shades of colors and shadow. It's one of the most relaxing subject I use to paint ^_^ 

I hope you like them!

See ya later


silvia beneforti
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I love seeing your different creations, the birds are really cool elongated like that.


Many thanks for your nice words, dear @sunscape ^_^

Yeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! Inspiration woo hooo woo hoo

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I love the coloring you chose and your artistry. Thanks so much Silvia


You're welcome, dear Troy ^_^

I do like them.... Very much! Nicely done!


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Your birds have such expressions and personalities to them, even when they are just standing there :) I love them !