A couple of sketches during a lazy Saturday ^_^

in art •  2 months ago

After the lunch I started my lazy Saturday ^_^ Sure, I had to clean my home and to finish some works before to start it, but some lazy hours on sofa are something special to spend on Saturday, right?

It happens also a strange things: my hubby asked me to go to the Ikea and I said "no"! Yes, it's true, I said "no" to go to shopping at the Ikea shop. Don't worry, it's just because I prefer to go there in the oter days of the week, when there are less people than during the weekend ^_^

While I was enjoying my lazy hours, I did a couple of sketches too, maybe my hands don't love so much to stay in relax.

These are the fast sketches that I did just using my BIC pens:

a strange character with a long nose and a candle

a mushroom-house ehere the previous freaky character can live ^_^

Well, it seems also a lazy Saturday inspired my hands ^_^

See ya later


silvia beneforti

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Awesome :) Very creative. Good weekend dear Silvia!


It's perfect for a lazy Saturday. I hope that these sketches will grow into another masterpiece in style @silviabeneforti :)
I love Your unusual houses and this mushroom house - as another one in Your collection :)


I think they will grow in some paintings ^_^ The season of mushrooms is behind the corner, so maybe they'll grow fast :D

Voglio anch' io una casina a fungo :-D


Le ho in testa da un po', devo solo trovare un modo originale per farle diventare più "mie" :D


A volte le idee vengono disegnando :)))

First one, adorable, perfect as it is, and yellow moment is cherry on cake, love it @silviabeneforti, less is more :)


Thanks so much! I'm studying some new characters for my paintings, I hope to find the "right" ones soon :D

Laziness is a good occupation...^_^ (I'm ok to live in your mushroom house =))