Sunlit San Antonio Planters - original travel sketchbook drawing

in art •  last year


Downtown San Antonio is dotted by artfully maintained planted containers. While perusing the city's center I decided to quickly sketch this group of containers that were being lit by the morning sun. I wanted to describe the structure of the plants and the effect of the sharp southwestern sunlight with the minimum amount of marks possible. I was very pleased in the way this one turned out. I felt that the abstractions were spot on and the drawing is open and airy and at the same time is able to convey texture as in the ornate urn.

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Hi^^ Thank you for sharing, I'm following you!


thank you

You did succeed! My very first thought was, "what an efficient use of cross hatching and stippling!" And, of course negative space. Well done!



Very nicely captured! I can only sketch in one way, but I'd like to try something like this.