RIO 2222 A.D. - A new retro-futuristic graphic novel I'm thinking of starting. Made only for Steemit. Suggestions are welcome!

in art •  last year


Steemit has renewed my drive to create. I've always wanted to create stories, but never found an appropriate platform like this one. So, I've decided to start a graphic novel called Rio 2222 A.D. It will be a retro-futuristic satirical tale. Instead of waiting to have a complete product, I want to share the process of creating it here and see how it goes. The image above is an idea I had for a title page. I want a warm-toned tropical sunset feel to it with a slight tinge of "saudade" the Brazilian emotion of nostalgic home-sickness. It is set in a post-peak-oil-bureau-techno-centric-anarcho-plutocratic-eutopic-distopia.

More details to come. The more interest that is sparked here by you all, the more motivated I'll be to do more.

What do guys think? Suggestions are welcome!

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This sounds like it could be really cool. I dig the style of this title page for sure and can picture a lot more. Maybe if you think it's a bit different, you'll consider using the #weirdwednesday tag for some of the posts. I'm trying to gather creators with a unique style together to get that tag going. Followed you to see what develops!


Thanks. I'll be sure to use the new tag.

Sounds like a good idea. Go for it!