Chair under Shade - Original Drawing from San Antonio Travel Sketchbook

in art •  last year


One of my favorite little quick sketches from my San Antonio travel sketchbook is this one with an painted iron chair. This chair caught my attention because of its bright color under the intense shade of a restaurant courtyard tent. This was early in the morning before people flooded in the market, so the whole square was rather empty. Capturing this chair's elaborate structure became a welcome challenge. I tried to work the dark negative space out being careful not to lose the lights of the chair. I really enjoyed how this one turned out. I feel it describes the scene well without being too heavy-handed.

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Oooh, trying to do it this way, with the negative space, trying to keep the white, is such a challenge for me! But you pulled it off amazingly! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! It is challenging but it is fun :-)

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