Clip Studio Practice: Super Inks and Color

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This started out as a practice exercise to try to do some more traditional comic-style inks. As opposed to my usual style for Kickman and Java Jaguar which are more of a Cartoon-ish style (about midway between Silver Age X-men and 1970's Archie comics).

So I started with a quick sketch. Also went with more heroic proportions (8 heads tall) as opposed to my usual squatter characters.
Ink layer. Used the Real G Pen tool with a lower line stabilization than I usually use. Actually did something I never bother with. Shading and cross hatching.

Looks like this when I hide the rough sketch layer. Since I'm just practicing I skipped the hands. Let's just assume that invisible hands is one of Superman's new powers that was just discovered. Like the amnesia kiss from Superman 2.
Thought I was done, but decided to spend an extra few minutes playing around with the auto-color feature. First just blotch on some sloppy paint using an India Ink brush.

Which gives me this. Auto-color has no respect for keeping the primary colors separated.
Added in a few quick airbrushed details. To make sure that the belt is yellow and their are some skin tones so that he is distinguishable from Bizarro. Also had to re-red his eyes since those disappeared. Auto color is fast but sloppy. If I was planning to keep this I would take the time to clean up those smudges that bled out past the black lines.

And there's a quick Superman courtesy of Clip Studio Pro, rendered on a Surface Pro 4. If everyone that sees this goes ahead and sends me money, maybe I'll get around to drawing HANDS.

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Hug for you, @cuddlekitten!


Nice work!


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