A Lazy Artist's Captain Marvel

in art •  20 days ago

You may not believe me when I say I'm lazy, but let me show you the process I went through to complete this.

Step 1: Make a rough sketch. I'm using Clip Studio Paint and drawing using the pastel tool, because I want large barely defined lines.

Step 2: Make a rough color layer.

Step 3: Use the Auto-Color feature in CSP with the pastels as a reference layer and you get this:

Step 4: Remove the pastel layer. It has done its work. Notice how the Auto Color feature actually tries to mirror the areas with shading. It's not perfect obviously, but I like the water color-looking effect it creates.

Step 5: The colors are a bit faint so Duplicate the new color layer. Then use the air brush tool set to transparency to erase some of the areas that you want to highlight.

Step 6: The face has too much detail for the Auto Color to make nice, so we'll just disguise it completely. Use the Manga gradient fill to shroud her with darkness like Captain America's entrance in Avengers: Infinity War. Very dramatic. Also, lazy. Do the same air brush erase to keep those highlighted areas from being lost in shadow.

Step 7: Put a stamp on it. You may have noticed that splash of light on her chin. This is why that's there. Bam! Lightning bolt.

And that's how a lazy artist makes Captain Marvel. It took almost as much time to create this post and to make the process gif as it did to paint the picture... Oh, right, the process gif.

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