My Artwork of the Day #21 - The Devil's in the Details

in #art6 years ago

Todays artwork is a doodle again. Did I mention that I love doodling?

It's called: 'The Devil's in the Details' for obvious reasons.


And here are the details:

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

I've you enjoy my artwork please follow @shortcut und don't forget to upvote!
Thank you!

Thank you for letting me know!

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Sick! I love this kind of intricate and really deep artwork. You're very good! :)

Yeah, thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm just trying, but surely happy when others like my work.

I thought about editing the typo in the last paragraph:
I've = If
On the other hand it perfectly fits to the title of the post. So I guess it has to be like that ;-)
Anyways, thank you all for voting! I'm overwhelmed by the response.

wow, it's hard! It looks like stained glass. I like it!

I'd like to see that in stained glass :-) Thanks for your comment!

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