Thank you and Sorry

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Dear steemians

Hello everyone,
The other day I released a video of a waterside house. Thank you for watching the video. I'm so happy. Actually, that picture I drew in a hospital room. It is said that I always seem to be healthy from my friends. But I have a heart disease. Heart surgery was done three times including this time. I did surgery in April this year, did not heal. So, I was hospitalized for two weeks in September, and I had surgery. I posted to steemit in the past few days, I was doing it from the hospital room. While being occasionally angered by a nurse ;)
The surgery took about 7 hours. And I drew that picture in the hospital the day before the operation. That is a “waterside house painting”.

After taking a day off in the intensive care unit after surgery, I came back to room and was asleep. I was thinking about something at the intensive care unit. I want to talk about that today.

I'm a painter who is not famous, but I have been working as an artist for more than 40 years using oil paintings and watercolors. And I have the opportunity to teach a lot of people, and my art class students are in Tokyo. Also, I'm releasing a watercolors video on YouTube. But I felt doubt about the style of this video. Someone is writing a comment on my video on YouTube. But I'm thinking about something while reading that comment. A person who likes to draw a picture is looking at my picture. And they say that they copy it and can not draw like me.

My video is giving the negative pressure of the thought that you probably can't do it? Sometimes this happens to my students as well. They draw by imitating me, but they can't do it. And they are disappointed and going away. But if I'm there, I can encourage them. However, in the Internet world, I can only encourage you by writing. In a sense, It may be difficult just to express by only words.

You've been frustrated because I said please try to draw.
If you can't draw a picture and you're worried…
If you think that you've become tired of the painting anymore…
My video is bothering you? I would like to say I'm really sorry if it's so. In that sense, I feel doubt what I am doing, I am regret on it. From now on I'd like to change something more. To get closer to you.

I don't think I want to get to know you just by painting. Shibasaki is an artist but I'm 71-year old grandpa. I want to realize relationships that I can talk about more familiar things. Not only do I show my painting but I want to be friends with you. I might not be able to communicate well because English is not my native language, but I want to be friends with you. And I think it would be great if I could make it happen.

Thank you,
Harumichi Shibasaki

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@shibasaki - san !!! Your posts NEVER ever EVER ever made me feel bad

Please continue to inspire and teach me art <3

I am motivated when I see your beautiful paintings <3 <3 <3

Also, your kindness and warmth of heart is incredible * ___ * You are a wonderful soul !!!!

Also, I am very sorry to hear that you have a heart condition. I will send you my very best thoughts so that you are as healthy as you can be for a VERY LONG time yet, so you can continue to produce art and teach art to us <3


Dear my friend @veryspider,

Thank you for your concern. I'm back!!! Now I have a brush again! I appreciate your kindness and support as always... ARIGATO!!! :)


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Shibasaki, I'm sorry to hear about your bad health. I wish you the best and hope that your health can improve. I really enjoy your videos and posts. Your art is amazing—and also your English is great! I have lived in Japan for over 15 years, but your English is better than my Japanese.

I think imitating is a normal part of learning, ne? We find something we like, then copy copy copy until we copy so much we start to combine things we copy and make our own style. That is how it is in photography (I am a professional photographer). People copy the styles of photographers they like. Eventually they may make their own style. Some beginners get frustrated that they can't copy well, but... well, that is part of learning. I always try to just encourage. "You're doing great!".

I think your videos are wonderful. I wish I lived in Tokyo, because I would love to take a personal lesson with you. (I am in Okazaki, about 3 hours away by Shinkansen). I have never painted, but you always make me want to try.

Hi @dbooster, Thank you for your concern. I'm back!!! I am grateful for your kind words. Someday I would like you to teach me how to take a picture!!! ;) ありがとう

Shibasaki-san, please you must take care of your health first and foremost. And it is so sweet that you still manage to care about other people when you are bedridden in a hospital for heart surgeries.    
I can't speak for other people, but I am continually inspired whenever I see your art so to me, looking at them is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.      
I wish you will have a better health so you can keep enthralling us with your beautiful artworks.        

Dear my friend @scrawly,

Thank you for your concern. I'm back!!! I appreciate your kindness!
I will draw a picture again. I am glad that if you can see it again! :)

Oh @shibasaki! First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your health and heart problems, and I hope that this hospital visit fixes it!

Second, you never have to be sorry! You are an amazing artist and you try to share your talent. I think that every artist has to discover who they are and cannot simply imitate your work; they have to learn from you and then be the best artist that they can be ... they cannot be you :)

Third, and most importantly, I would be honored to be your friend, and in fact, I already consider you as such :) I know that you are an amazing artist, and now I also know that you are a grandfather, but I'm also very interested in learning more about you as a person. I think that you have a very special heart and soul, like most artists do, and I can't wait to communicate more details with you.

Steemit, and life really, is about opening up and making yourself vulnerable; that is very difficult for many, but I believe it is totally worth it!

Your friend,

Dear my friend @lynncoyle1,

Thank you for your concern. I'm back!!! You are so sweet person! I am really pleased to talk with you again :) I appreciate your kindness and support as always!

I'm so glad that you are back!! and thank you so much for your kind words too :) It's not the same without you here!

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@c-squared, Thank you so much! :)

You are such a sweet person. So sorry to hear about your health problems. Please take care of yourself. And thank you so much, for sharing your art and talent with the world. Teaching is not for everyone, and you do such a wonderful job at it. Thank you for inspiring us.

Hi @gabyoraa, Thank you for your concern. I'm back!!! I appreciate your kindness!

Hello @shibasaki, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

@creativecrypto, Thank you so much! :)