The New Woman // inspired by Hannah Höch

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Joan Pope as Hannah Höch

I've include Dada artist Hannah Höch in the Surrealist Erotica series. While not a Surrealist, she her primary medium, collage, became a significant technique for the Surrealists. Her creative methods and personal attitudes paved the way for the Surrealists to come. Her influence on me as an artist is obvious.

Photo of Hannah Hoch

Preview from the Hannah Höch episode.


I used some of her works as the projection video and wore a short wig and 1910-1920s style clothes. Since her most famous work is called Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Beer-Belly of the Weimar Republic I went with including some shots of cutting up some images for collage. The view doesn't really see what I'm cutting in the episode but I was choosing images that I think Höch would have chosen. I plan on actually constructing some collages with those selections and including them in the book/box version of the Surrealist Erotica project.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Beer-Belly of the Weimar Republic by Hannah Höch, 1919

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These are wonderful. Are they ever live on stage? Reminds me a bit of some living backdrops i've done on stage where my costume moulds into the backdrop and i move in front of it with flashing lights.


Thank you! 💖 I haven't done a live performance for this specific sort of stuff... for my music project I've performed and constructed an installation on stage sorta similar to this kinda thing. The problem is, I really need a residency somewhere to make it worth it. Transporting all the props I'd use and creating the space would be much too consuming of my time and energy to be worth it for a one night thing. Unless an amazing opportunity arises, I've given up on trying to make a dent in NYC. I'm too shy to enjoy performing live anyways, being on stage usually feels like torture!