Shine bright like a diamond. Happiness is back.

in art •  9 months ago

Happiness is back.
It's interesting to notice how when we get away from certain toxic people, happiness returns as if were by magic.

Although it's not new to me, from time to time we must get away from certain people to recover our good energies.

Unfortunately there are people whose mere presence can intoxicate us, but realizing it and getting away on time, is the key to keep our way and our good vibes.

With the passage of time and several experiences, is just easy to realize when we have to move away. Keeping alone is better than surrounding yourself with certain people that do not benefits us.

Besides that being alone is also a pleasure. Meeting new people, getting away from our confort zone, and starting over is what strengthens us and makes us who we are.

Do you also like to spend time with yourself? If so, let me know here below!.
Cheers guys, see you in the next one!

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Spending time with yourself is good have to also meet people exchange ideas socialize and so your posts 👌


Yup, that's right ;)

loved the post title, inspiring !


Thanks for the reply shohana, have a good day :))

Muy cierto lo que dices te doy mi voto

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if those times are always good where you can meet

As a touring musician I have accepted that a good portion of my year I will be utterly devoid of alone time. Nevertheless, artistic fulfillment is universally worth the sacrifice.


Thanks for the vote man, and yeah im sure u are really enjoying some time with urself.

But well that didnt means spending times with others is not enjoyable either. :)))
Thanks again, have a good day man :))

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No toxic people. We need to surround ourselves with happy, vibrant and loving souls.

Thank you. I really appreciate your support!


@theprettysoul have a good day lady! Happy to see you are becomming active on steemit again!

Have a good day! :))!


💖💛💙💜💚 Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 4.49.06 PM.png