Inktank #73

in art •  2 months ago


Here's three recent art posts I've enjoyed. More info on why I'm doing this in my not-yet-written #introduceyourself post.

In the meantime, just know that I'm doing this to both improve my life by learning to better appreciate art and to encourage good visual art here by promoting my 3 recent favorite pieces and sponsoring one of them for a share in #steembasicincome.


by @scrawly

My comment

Although you complain about your sketch strokes, I think they're perfectly suited for the mood in this, which you capture perfectly. Special props to the wee kitty and excellent visual balance on that moon.

A Dragon having a snack

by @papersmell

My comment

I'm a sucker for hyper-perspective, especially when used for comedic effect. And the looks on the cows' faces are cracking me up.

Triceratops on a Tricycle

by @edgaruvm

My comment

One of the few things better than a play on words is a play on words with a visual. Even better when it's gorgeously drawn, as here.

And the favorite is...

Sometimes, you just want to laugh. Today was one of those days and @papersmell delivered. A share of @steembasicincome is on its way, and no real cows were harmed.

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