Inktank #72

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Here's three recent art posts I've enjoyed. More info on why I'm doing this in my not-yet-written #introduceyourself post.

In the meantime, just know that I'm doing this to both improve my life by learning to better appreciate art and to encourage good visual art here by promoting my 3 recent favorite pieces and sponsoring one of them for a share in #steembasicincome.

A girl from beyond the grave

by @yanes94

My comment

Delightful and disturbing. It feels a bit like what if Tim Burton's Corpse Bride were a little more realistic. ;)

Character Illustration : Celestial Agent

by @adelair

My comment

Really great pose and I enjoy the smooth blend of Eastern and Western themes. The super soft feathers and sparkly halo are my favorite bits.

🎨 THE MAJOR ARCANA , The High Priestess II - and my entry for italent round 9

by @adelepazani

My comment

The super bold lines and high contrast really make her pop out of the background. All the little symbols you included are a delight to find, as well as being super thematically appropriate.

And the favorite is...

Simple for all the detail, both in the drawing and the thought spent of the symbology, @adelepazani has earned a share of @steembasicincome.

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