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Here's three recent art posts I've enjoyed. More info on why I'm doing this in my not-yet-written #introduceyourself post.

In the meantime, just know that I'm doing this to both improve my life by learning to better appreciate art and to encourage good visual art here by promoting my 3 recent favorite pieces and sponsoring one of them for a share in #steembasicincome.

"Draw this in your Style" Demon Girl - Digital Art💀 [EN/ES]

by @drupi

My comment

Very playful and fun, you're write it's a bit busty, but not particularly lewd. I like this "draw in your style" movement, what a great way to leave your comfort zone but still keep a toe in.

⭐️ Mermaid

by @reinhard-schmid

My comment

I can certainly understand why the gallery owner snagged it for themself. I'm really digging a lot about this, but my favorite part is the surrounding framing with waves that aren't quite waves and coral that isn't quite coral. The palette is really great too.

Mad as a March Hare

by @scrawly

My comment

Need I say anything besides "Holy negative space, batman!"

And the favorite is...

It's always tough for me to pick a favorite image from those featured here, all the more so when frequently featured authors go head to head. But the superb use of white negative space in @scrawly's image really deserves a bit of @steembasicincome.

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Many thanks for featuring my work here in your exquisite collection :-)


You're very welcome.

I always appreciate when someone takes the time to write a post about other's work, and you picked some of my favs so I like it even more :)


Happy to do it. I've benefited so much in so many ways from this project. Still, it's always very nice to read that someone else likes what I'm doing. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.