Stardate 8.21.18 Art

in art •  4 months ago

Congrats to everyone for surviving another cycle of mercury in retrograde - that was a doozy!

the fabric of space time ripples
unceasing motion
like waves on the ocean
a scarf in the wind
animated by unseen forces
and here we are again!

what if there's another way to weave reality...another fabric...another matrix...
is it possible to overrule celestial governance ???
these gravitational bodies push and pull
influenced by energy and mass

can the human being vortex
with its own mass
generating its own electro magnetic field
override the system? write a new OS?

how free are we in these repeated patterns?
if infinity is real
then anything is possible
and there has to be a way

will it be
break the chains

💛 Sara!

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Ahhhhh!! Beautiful Sara!

a poem full of mystery and question marks, this is very rare unique, thank you for sharing.

Beautiful writing! Or as we say in New Zealand "ataahua" !
I can't believe we survived that mercury retrograde lol!! We can do anything now! xx

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Awesome Art Piece :)