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The feeling when everything is too much and you just want to escape it all, while it tries to pull you down.....

Digital painting hand drawn with my wacom cintiq. Started yesterday and just finished it.

Here is a shot of it when I was stil working on it.



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I love your work


Thank you happy to hear that :)

Awww I hope they manage to escape.
I like that despite the minimalist number of lines, you still manage to express your characters very well, Sander. That is a great talent to have :).                  


Thank you very much @scrawly! :)

It's pretty incredible how the simple addition of something resembling a mouth and some eyes can add so much expression to a piece. I love your work.


Thank you very much! I love creating art :)

That little guy really looks like he's struggling to escape ! A lovely and expressive piece, Sander <3


Thank you very much @veryspider! :)

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