Plein Air Painting - Thirsty Cows, New Zealand

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Epic day spent painting outdoors with in a beautiful mountainous location along the Matukituki River near Wanaka, New Zealand. This was such a beautiful location to paint in, I got loads of photo reference too so I may even do a studio painting of this scene.

As I was painting lots of cows started turning up and drinking out of the stream. They were also watching me paint!

Thirsty Cows, Matukituki River, 10” x 12” (approx), oil on canvas, painted outdoors en plein air.

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What a beautiful day, beautiful scenery and beautiful painting @samuel-earp-art 😉 how long did you completed your painting at the site? The cows maybe want to charged you for model fees... LoL


Thanks, this painting took about two hours :)

Woow, great job!
The second picture leave a so big impression on me. I`m delighted with your work and I hope you will get some big reward for it. You deserve it. I would like to show us some steps of your drawing in the future and the way how did you do something.
I really like it and the nature in the background is so beautiful. And you show us it on your painting on the right way.
I hope your next posts will be like this and I expect more photos from you on your posts, to show us that beautiful parts of it. :)


Thanks @nesni996, I will from time to time post more in-depth painting process blogs on Steemit, in the meantime, check out the blog on my website: