Plein Air Painting - Breaking Ocean Wave

in art •  4 months ago



Whilst I have been seascapes in my studio for years, painting the sea from life ‘en plein air’ is a whole different animal. I’m in Australia at the moment and I’ve been taking the opportunity to get to the coast to paint outdoors.

I’m certainly out of my comfort zone at the moment but it’s the only way to learn and that is to keep going back and paint the sea...I’m already quickly discovering what works and what doesn’t.

I painted this art work in oils, outdoors on location at Soldiers Beach, NSW, Australia.

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OH WOW SAM ! You are in Australia !!!! I hope you are enjoying yourself :) The sea looks so lively in your painting <3 ... though I guess it is quite a challenge to work with :)

Always looking forward to see posts from you :)

This is Awesome! So glad you got to spend time painting plein air. I do not do this quite enough. I live minutes from the beach/ocean and don't take advantage of this. Great choice in location. Love the weathered wave beaten rocks scattered along the shore. We do not have those here.. I would have to use my imagination. Beautiful piece! Enjoy your trip as well :-)

@bdmillergallery thanks. I try and get outside to paint outdoors as much as I can 😊

@veryspider thanks mate, yeah painting the sea from life is pretty challenging. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone!

Oh my God! This is really beautiful, @samuel-earp-art! The colors, at least for me, are fresh and warm, as if the sea decided to pose for you.

Now, I'm curious: Hoy many time did take to paint this and other landscapes?

Hugs from México!