Painting Mt Talbot - Speeded Up Video and Painting Process

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I painted this landscape of Mt Talbot a few years ago and it's my favourite mountain. In this Hive post I will show you the speeded up time lapse video of me painting this landscape and my painting process photos.

So, this is the speeded up time lapse painting video.


This painting started out in my sketch book as concept sketches. In the original reference photos I used the composition would not have worked in a painting so I use my sketch book to rearrange elements to create an engaging composition.

This was one of the reference photos I used.


From the final sketch I painted a small colour study and then I began the final painting.


I started my painting with a layer or burnt sienna, I love painting on this colour as it warms up the painting. Personally I prefer painting on a burnt sienna or burnt umber surface rather than white, it helps with colour and tone.

As block in the sky and the mountain I use desaturated colour to create atmospheric depth and make the mountain recede.

I use more saturated colour in the foreground to bring it forward in the painting.

After the block in is complete I start modelling the paint to build up the detail. This is also a good time establish the overall tonality of the painting. My tonal range for the distant mountain is narrower than the foreground where I use my darkest darks and lightest lights.

I build up the detail in the river and the grass and bushes in the foreground.

I add more detail to the painting such as the rocks and pebbles in the stream.

I save my tonal best until last to make the painting come alive. I have consistently used common colours throughout the painting so they coordinate well and create a more harmonious painting.

This is the final painting.

Mt Talbot, 400mm x 500mm, oil on canvas.

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