New Painting - Paradise, New Zealand 🇳🇿

in art •  2 months ago


Fresh off the easel, this is another colour study for a possible studio painting. I haven’t decided yet but we’ll see.

This painting is inspired by Paradise near Glenorchy, New Zealand, there are lots of high rugged mountains in this area.

Paradise, New Zealand, 20cm x 30cm, oil on linen

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I still can’t tell when it’s a colour study and when it’s a painting. Guess that happens when you have mad skills 😆

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Thanks @ryivhnn, the colour studies are little paintings in their own right. I often frame them and I have sold many of them.

And there's always cows 😉 really nice painting @samuel-earp-art 😉 you're such a lucky one because you can enjoy the view like this whenever you want 😊 I'm jealous.


Thanks @cicisaja, it's a beautiful area of New Zealand. The animals are sheep in this painting, there are millions of them in NZ. I love animals and I like including them in my paintings, I've been doing it more lately.

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