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RE: Random Adelaide Street Art

in #artlast year

Eh it's not far off XD

Haven't seen a 6-legged kitsune before though :O It's a cool looking piece, is it glued on there?


Nope. Painted on. I’m guilty of not knowing the name of the Pokémon. :)

You just increased my nerd level.

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Not a ninetales because it only has four, closer to the base form vulpix (which has six) but they both actually have only four legs, this one might be an anomaly XD

They were based off kitsune anyway which are Asian trickster spirits that look like foxes (kitsune are Japanese which seem to be the most popular/well known but there's Chinese ones too which I can't remember the name of and they've probably gadded all over Asia and have different names in each place because they are tricksters after all XD)

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