The very sad prince.| Funny Drawing

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The sad prince. \ Грустный принц.

I haven't seen the prince without a princess and if such princes are have, then they are very sad.

Я не видел в жизни принца без принцессы и если такие принцы есть, то им очень грустно.


Author @RomanSkv

Russia Rybinsk 2017 \ 07




Hahahaha such a funny face expression :D I think he looks rather grumpy than sad :D

Prince is being proud and not willing to submit to circumstances and I think he can get angry at the fact of personal inferiority, the absence of the Princess

Poor sad prince

all will be well)

Privet, Roman! Interesting manner of drawing! Nice pictures! I followed you from facebook upvote group, nice to meet you , cheers!

me too, thank you)

you are more than welcome on my page, I post photos of nature, sunsets, and temples!