ABSTRACT 9. painting 2018.

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28x36cm. acrylic and Oil on masonite. Oregon/ibiza 2018

This painting I started one day I spent by the sea in Oregon. I was on a road trip from Grass Valley in California to Portland and spent a few days stopping in lovely places and enjoying the wilderness.

In this case we stopped in a town called Yachats and spent the afternoon painting and looking out at the whales now and then spitting water out of the ocean. A day I will remember forever I think. A special day.
So here are some images of what it was like and then how one of the two paintings has evolved into once I worked more on it in Ibiza. The special bit about this one is the texture the paint did in the background because of the sand I poured over it when the paint was drying.






So, then the painting was worked on in Ibiza, back home...

And just the other day, turned into this, finally.

Best Wishes,


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it's extraordinary success!
I would very much like to be able to do something like this! I admire this success.


Thank you Artzim!

Seeing the locale you were creating this piece I can really feel the rock and stone in it. Lovely piece.


Thank you Donna!

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Thank you!

How lovely it is paint in the midst of nature..love your pictures and more appreciations for the abstract artwork, the colors are gorgeous..

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Thank you! ;-)

Beautiful; I love hearing about your inventive methods; gives me ideas:)


great! ;-)


Thank you!

OH! I remember this post ! You were at the beach and you used shells as paint containers :D So cool !

This painting's finished form is very interesting. Very alive !The colours and shapes are alien-seeming and the pearls are beautiful and nacreous <3


Thank you Veryspider!