"Pouring The Zebra Lines" Photo-Manipulation With Quick Making GIF And Creation Process (YouTube Tutorial)

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zebra paint.jpg



Quick Creation Process GIF

In this cool image manipulation artwork, we will learn how to separate the black and white lines from the skin of the zebra. We will erase some of the black lines and fill the empty space with some black color paint coming out from the teapot. We will also change the background and add some shadow on the ground. This is really a great mystery how these strips are painted on the body of a zebra. This is some funny imagination of mine for this artwork.

Here are the links of the original stock images I have used it.

Background http://bit.ly/2TAmLwv
Zebra http://bit.ly/2wcgFdk
Teapot http://bit.ly/2PvgBfR

So, let us now begin the creation process steps in brief.

Step 1. Import the background in the photoshop and applied the tilt-shift blur to it.


Step 2. Cut out the zebra from another stock image and placed it over the background.


Step 3. Erased some of the black strips from it and created the surface of some liquid inside it.


Step 4. Added the teapot pouring the black paint on it.


Step 5. In the end, merged all the layers into one layer and applied the camera raw filter to give some contrast, vibrancy and color grading.


And we are done with this cool Photo-Manipulation Artwork.

Watch The Detailed YouTube Tutorial Here...

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