Mariya Takeuchi + Something to say about Ntopaz

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Hey, welcome back, everybody. Before continuing with the publication I would like to say some things about the @ntopaz platform as most of you will have already found out, the platform announced that I know their services will be closed due to the fact that there was not much input towards the platform during the last year. It was supposed to be a project to support artists as well as cartoonists and photographers and craft things as far as I know. So what happened? Well, unfortunately in their account @ntopaz they gave the sad news that they were going to close the platform because as I mentioned before, there wasn't much input. Besides the fact that the big sum of money that was made to this project was 800 thousand dollars, they could not (I imagine) cover that big sum of money causing a lot of loss.

So, I bow my head in gratitude for having accepted me in that platform since I have met very good artists especially one who is Korean @ryangrang and of course Miss @yanes94 I hope we can all go ahead and keep making good drawings and keep learning new things.

Well, now about Mariya Takeuchi. I was inspired to draw a picture of this beloved Japanese singer because I had been wanting to illustrate her for some time. But I didn't want to try because I didn't feel ready to draw her. Still, the time came. Below my publication you will find a theme that is the most known of her which is "Plastic Love" which was the first Japanese theme I heard, from there my love for Japanese music was growing a lot and considering my favorite Japanese song. I hope that most of you will like this song and of course, the drawing I made for it.

Mariya Takeuchi:



Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love:


About #ntopaz :It is a pity, as I found some good and talented artists there, but it does seem that anything to do with art on Steemit is not supported. I hardly ever see a whale vote with a strong reward for any kind of art in the last 6 months (actually, the truth is, I have not seen even one). They have the money it seems, but not the love of art.

I hope we do not lose many more artists

Thank you very much for your words. That's right, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Thank you very much
For your words. That's right, let's hope
That doesn't happen.

                 - richjr

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