Painting: I will live in your thoughts

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Today I want to bring you into my life thinking that you will be by my side, together and shackled for the rest of my existence, I could make you immortal preparing an eternal life at my side. Before you left, you said some words that left me shocked. Even without strength to talk you moved your lips and smiling you told me; words die just like me, but in your thoughts you can relive me eternally for the remains of your days.

I saw you leave taking everything of me, leaving me without tears enough to cry you and with half a heart, since the other half you took it in the hands. I have died by your side leaving all my love, my whole being at the foot of the tomb.

Without knowing what would be of me, I wanted to lie down next to you to accompany your soul to the other dimension, where we were one forever and forever, like the infinite universe. It was selfish of you to let me suffer, only in this world where my thoughts are interrupted by your memories.

I have stopped looking for the meaning of life because it has defined my destiny, wandering alone in the world, destined towards the same direction. I do not want to die to relive again and again those beautiful memories that you left in life and that today will remain immortal in my thoughts. We will never die, we will be alive in the memories of those who love us.

Used materials:

Watercolors (Yellow, blue, red, white and black).
Pencil 2H.
Drawing block size 34.3 x 28 cm.
Brush 000.
Brush 00.


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HERMOSISIMO! tu estilo de arte va mucho con mi estilo! felicitaciones!

Hey! Gracias, ya me paso por tu perfil...