I'm continuing to make a useful reconnect with my inner Leonardo Da Vinci, By entering an pair of art contests drawing and digital.steemCreated with Sketch.

in art •  8 months ago

I'm going to go back to my roots more!

I been using lots of others work to derive things lately.

Like taking old cartoons and overlaying messages on them. (here are 4)


And throwing disparate ones together to create banners (like this):

But yesterday as a lark I entered a 15 minute capped drawing contest on SteemIt and a followup 15 min capped digital art contest (theme was daisies) So I quickly sketched this omage to Waiting for Spring:
And then used it as a base to do this Digital version popping the color:

I so enjoyed it and realized what the big missing hole in my soul was since I had to close my Company Arkahdia Arts Studio my Art (A Design and Manufacturing company) 5 years ago:


So I've decided to start drawing some quick useful elements for my posts using the same methodogy... You are welcome to use them if you let others know I created them when you use them...

Started with "Thumbs up, you can use the handawn picture followed by my digital version made with a 17 year old version of PaintShop Pro vers 5.1
Start with a quick stretched Thumbs up
and tracing with a bezier line tool, shifting hand drawn letters, making 3 layers for the letters

  • black filled drop shadow
  • just the original lines with no fill
  • spray can a rainbow affect

Then for the hand a sleeve trace and duplicate
Fill in the hand with one flat color, then use lighten Up tool on the cuticles and back of the finger
fill the shirt with 3 colors, then use spray can for shadows

Place the colored in hand under the duplicate of trace and we are looking at this in under 15 minutes!
Ok how you like?
Give an idea on my next thing to make for use online and I will do a custom one inspired by you!


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art drawing a very creative with a combination of color very accordingly. continue @richatvns and success always ....


Thanks for th support and now you get the reason I did it!

Nice work brother