What can you see?

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I was messing around on an app, editing a pic I took a while ago, and ended up with this:

It's gloomy, and I like it.

Like an optical illusion, I can see a few things in this pic.

Funny thing is the original picture has a very different vibe!

This is what I started with:

just a nice pic I took when I was out for a nature walk with the kiddos.

First I made it black and white..

And then more "antique-y"

And then mirrored it

And then saw the weird things in the pic, so zoomed in and tweaked the colour a bit more to get this gloomy piece of "art"

So tell me, what can you see?

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Looks like a great album cover, I spotted the demon too. Funny he's not there on the regular shot.


Funny you say that, I was also thinking it'd be good album art!!

Still waiting to see if anyone else spots the other main thing I see in it. Think Donnie Darko ;)

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I see an owl more than a demon myself. Cool image!

I see a bat :) this is cool :)

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Every picture have a difference natural looks, like cloud, sometimes could are use to making our familiar shapes and make us very surprised, like the could your picture have some great shape, which really make me surprise.

  ·  last month (edited)

in the center - eagle, owl, beetle 😁

I see a demon

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I think so it's look like a robotic face which we can see in movie.

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I don't see the 'face' in the centre as anything menacing. I see it as like an Indian totem pole.

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