Selfportrait- Digital Painting (With images+GIF)

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Hi everyone!

Today I am back with another digital portrait of... Myself :D

As always I do not draw the face exactly how it looks. Distortion the reality a bit (or maybe not?)

This will be the last portrait for now because I want to make different things.

Now. Something important: The process.

As always I make a quick sketch to guide me. I use some notebook for it. I should try to make the line art directly on the computer to speed up the process.

Then I use colors for the base. I choose them using a color from the photo I feel useful to make other tones and using different opacities (Multiply as an example).

I start to propose the shadows...

And then the lights I always start with the shadows because I feel more comfortable doing in that way. It is personal preferences.

Standing out the shapes with the help of other colors and multiply opacity.

Now. It is time for blending and fixing some details like the left eye (right in screen)

And fix her glasses too!

It is starting to be more detailed. Always leave the details for the end. It is a sugestion

It is closer to ending...


And as a plus, I will show you the process in a GIF. You can see that I changed somethings like eye, nose, glasses, hand...
Also, I made a few colorful lights on the hair.

I hope you like it and if you want, leave me your opinion on the comments :D Any suggestion will be accepted :heart: haha

I hope to post again soon :D See you!

PD: Sorry if I am lacking on my English. It is been a while since a study and I am starting to forgetting some vocabulary and grammar D:

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Excellent work, as always, Rebeca! 😃
Awesome post. I like how you explain the process so well!

Thanks ;-;💕 I'll try to explain it better so people get interested on try digital art :D it's really fun

gosh this is super nice, @rebeca.just20! Great step by step presentation and the love the final picture <3 Love how you define the facial features so much and how you do the shadows <3 <3 <3

Thanks! It's great that you like what I do 💕
Maybe I defined it too much haha
But at least the results are good enough :D

Thanks for your comment @veryspider 💕

Está hermosa Rebeca <3

Gracias pao❤

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Whoa I like your self portrait a lot. It's certainly not the usual kind of angle and expression that people use when they take a picture of themselves. The different shades of your skin is the part that I find most exciting in this picture, it certainly shows how much you worked on this part, nicely done :D.          

Thanks! :D I tried to copy the other two portraits that I made. Like the hand on the chin and a neutral look. And yes, it took me more than I expected, but I like the result. It looks colorful and a bit cute haha
I'm glad that you like it. I hope to make better works and can show you some improvement haha 💕

Great demonstration and result! What app did you use? I have not done digital painting yet, but I have Krita installed on my computer and will try doing portraits with it someday.

I use Photoshop
Your results would be really good :D Try it

OMG!!! That's amazing!! I love it!!💙💙💙💙

Gracias Sam :D💕

Amazing detailed work!

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