The best tattoo artists of today.

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What a task today I had to face when choosing the 10 best tattoo artists of today. With the huge number of great tattoo artists we have around the world, anyone would have to take a long time to put together such a list. Of course, on the other hand, some names are inevitable for me and come alone directly to my head.

Exactly there is where everything lies, and this list that I have prepared is nothing more than pure subjectivity. These tattooists are not arranged in any specific order, they are simply the ones that for me, with the respect that all my tattooing friends deserve and with the credit that our dear readers confer, are the 10 best tattooers of today. Taking into account all this and knowing very well that your contributions will be more than welcome in the comments of the publication, I hope you enjoy the journey. Let's start

Xoil, France

Precursor in his style, avant-garde tattoos or avant-garde tattoos, the French tattoo artist Xoil is one of the best and most original tattooists of today. Mixing different stencil elements, photography, realism and surrealism, modernity and grafitti, Xoil tattoos are true works of art.

Yomico Moreno, Venezuela

Yomico Moreno, Venezuelan tattoo artist, is characterized by a hyperrealism that very few can reach. His works have the most sophisticated details of realism, photography, gradients and textures. The way in which Yomico uses 3D and the games of optics that he applies to his designs provoke an extreme visual impact.

Bob Tyrrell, United States

Another genius of realism ... the tattooist Bob Tyrrell is the great influence of many of the best tattoo artists of today. His style is characterized by a disturbing realism perfectly achieved with blacks and grays, many shadows and horror.

Dmitriy Samohin, Ukraine

Far from Hollywood, Miami, Los Angeles and all those places where the television programs about tattoos are filmed, which have so little relation with the art of tattoos, the Ukrainian tattoo artist Dmitry Samohin is undoubtedly one of the best artists in the world. history of tattoos. Try colors, blacks & grays, portraits, hyperrealism or fiction, the work of this Ukrainian is unique and majestic.

Nick Baxter, England

Master of color, electric, versatile, original, modern and highly creative, among other compliments that can be made to this English tattoo artist. Nick Baxter is one of the great tattoo artists of our time. Tattoos abound in themes such as science fiction and mystical beings, accompanied by excellent techniques and an unbeatable use of chromatic scales of color.

Paul Booth, United States

The classics are classic and the world of tattoos is a world in which the elderly are respected. Paul Booth is a living legend of the tattoo and in a more than justified way, each of the great tattooists who make up this list name him among his influences. Master of the black & gray, the gore, the horror, the sinister and twisted, the dark surrealism of Paul Booth still captivates the entire tattoo community.

Ael Lim, Singapore

Of the many excellent tattooists from the East, Ael Lim, from Singapore, is one of the best. Among his great works are the 3D tattoos; full of really amazing details, full colors; with bright and electric tonalities; and realism, with portraits of amazing quality.

Víctor Portugal, Uruguay

I know I am always naming it and that this seems fanatic, but it is impossible not to mention an artist as immense as Victor Portugal, my compatriot and my favorite tattoo artist. Born in Uruguay, based in Poland and like every year, traveling the world with his art, Víctor Portugal forged his own style with solidity and great artistic richness. Nobody equals him in what black & gray refers, his details and his technique with the machine give him a unique realism to his tattoos and he has plenty of creativity to create hybrid tattoos that simply exceed perfection.

George Mavridis, Greece

George Mavridis is a great Greek tattoo artist with a very fresh air, a lot of technique and a portfolio full of works of art. His style is clear, firm, realistic but also fantastic, colorful and without doubts, unique.

Robert Hernandez, Poland

Central Europe has unparalleled tattooists and one of them is Robert Hernandez, a Polish artist. Specialist in fantastic realism, expert in black and gray and with the mind twisted enough to bring to light the most sinister beings from the depths of the darkness of art.

Okay, these are the ones that I consider the ten best tattooists of today. What do you think? What changes would you make to the list?

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