My Misadventures in the world of Digital Fan Art

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Digital Art is Hard Work!

A year ago I tried to dive into digital fan arts because I drew a lot of stuff during summer vacation. I wanted to leave the realm of pen and paper and experience the digital side of art. Boy was I in for a rough ride.

At first I drew rough sketches in my drawing book. I don't have a drawing tablet yet so I used a very unreliable technique of taking pictures of my sketches and editing it on my laptop.

The first program I used was old reliable MS Paint. I still haven't looked into good digital art programs that would suite a noob like me.

My first digital drawing was of

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

As you can see, MS Paint did the job. Though parts were pixelated, it was a good start. Lining was hard work when starting digital art. Every detail should be taken into great consideration to ensure a flawless output.

It wasn't until I found Paint Tool SAI. PTS had all the necessary tools for digital art, from line arts to coloring, the whole package. It was exciting to get work done using PTS. I felt like a real expert. Though my drawing skills are still wack, I still enjoyed converting my dull pencil drawn art to downloadable, saveable and sharable art.

These are just some of the fan arts I've made

Luciel Choi a.k.a 707 a.k.a Defender of Justice from Mystic Messenger

Nakajima Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs (Literary Stray Dogs)

Asuma Mutsumi from Kiss Him, Not Me (Watashi ga Motete Dousunda)

Nishinoya Yuu from Haikyuu!!

Shiraishi and Tanaka-kun from Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge)

Let's face it, digital art is rapidly increasing and there's not much traditional stuff out there. Technology has adapted to art or has art adapted to technology. All in all, diving into new things is essential for us to appreciate more stuff.

Digital art isn't just a cheap way of c​​reating art without using your wallet, it's a great way to preserve your creativity in the world wide web for everyone to appreciate.

If you'd like to check out some of my stuff, I have a deviantart account too.


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Excellent work mate :)

Nice art work.

You are growing real fast @rekerumon, Keep it up! You're doing it real smooth my dear.

Enjoy Steeeming

This is it! Congratulations! :) I smell success in here

Parts i-follow ko haha

First, solid job, very professional. Are you considering doing you own anime or graphic series maybe? I would definitely read and/or watch that.


I still need to work on my proportions and coloring techniques. I'm actually not that good yet, but thank you.

Good pictures, i like anime. Thanks for sharing @rakerumon

nice photo! I appreciate your work


thanks! I tried my best.

I am just being honest. I do not specifically like anime. But I will still say that the person did format the article quiet well probably took a good level of time so I respect that

Wow those look great, have you moved on to clip studio yet?(aka manga studio)


No I haven't. I'm too busy to draw stuff right now. I haven't been doing digital art for awhile.

I totally agree with you. Many people have the misconception that digital art is easy.. It is so not easy.. It requires a lot of skills and you do have it...

Ms paint works but try using adobe photoshop... It works uptill a great extent....
And by the way, the drawings are really good... Hope to see more from you

magnificent work ... i love it.
followed you .. please follow upvote and comment ... take a look on my acrylic painting that i shared on steemit here :
have a nice day.

looks good


Wow, I really like your art.
If you like, check out my drawing

What a beautiful job, I would love to learn.

great job !I followed you and now its your turn ;)

Nice one mate, any chance you could explain the best way to get started doing digital art?


Actually, I haven't been doing digitalart fora while because I'm too busy right now. I suggest practicing the traditional way before switching to digital.

OMG!!!! I still suck at digiarts.. haha... I started recently, but I'm still into traditional art more... <3