Caribat Finally Getting Promised Touch-ups!

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Caribat 2.0.jpg

I've posted this guy a few times. I think last time was months ago by now, that I intended to give him some upgrades.

I'm finally at it. Not only is he getting a background, he's also going to be getting some more fine detailing. I'm very excited for how it's going to look. I'm using the same reference photo for the background as I did for this piece;

Secret Worlds tw (not print version).jpg

Maybe you'll be able to tell when it's finished, but I don't think it'll look the same, given the different framing, and the fact that they'll seldom be next to each other to compare.

What it does for me that I like, is in a way, it makes it easier for me to combine my worlds for future stories to develop from.

I won't be able to start working on this until tonight, but hopefully I can get a bit done on it when I do sit down. I'm looking forward to it!

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Awesome caribat, sounds like a good cryptid.

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Waah! Nice works! I wish I have more time in a day so that I could paint again.

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