My new painting titled "Yin Yang Naija"

in #art11 months ago


The Yin Yang concept is a representation of the balance of life, illustrating that the good is equal to the evil and the evil I'm the good is equal to the good in the evil. A very wonderful concept.

Sometimes however, this doesn't seem to be the case. Sometimes the good is overshadowed by the evil. This to me is the case in my nation Nigeria fondly called "Naija".

We are officially in our second recession in a few years, the Naira is now sold at ₦480 to a dollar, fuel prices have increased drastically and affected almost every other product of course. There is insecurity and the government is really terrible, run by wicked looters. Tertiary institutions have been on strike for over 8 months because of the government's incompetence.


Looking at all these facts, among many others, the Yin Yang concept doesn't illustrate my country's state for me so I made Yin Yang Naija. This is where evil overshadows good and the evil in the good is greater than the good in the evil. People protested for a better nation and got killed in cold blood, while exercising a constitutional right. This is the sad state of Nigeria, and this is my way of speaking up using oils on canvas!