Pencil Drawing- wine and water glass (original)

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Helle evey one..!!

Here i posted my pencil drawings of wine glass and water glass. Trying to get glass effects on paper by using pencil with black and white color, playing with black and white color and comparing to real world is more fun and callanging. I tried my best with pencil..!! :)
I took nearly 2 hours for each drawings to draw. Hope you all like this and feel free to give your valuable commets and suggetions.

upvoteforupvote sure

Please follow me for more pencil arts....!!

Thanks !!
Be creative :)


Really awesome! 👍🏻Upvoted and followed. I do art too.

Thank you..!!
Great keep doing art :)

Really nice drawings! Clear objects, like glass and water, can be so difficult to capture, but you've done such a great job! Upvoted.

These are really good sketches! @prashanthak Upvoted

Thank you and followed you !!

Such a wonderful job! Glass is really hard to draw.

Thank you..!!
Ya you are right 😃

Very nice. I never have the patients for still life haha.

Thank you..😃😂

You are great at capturing light!

Excellent drawing, very good use of shading!
I love to sketch in pencils!

Thank you for your valuable comments !! Followed you..!

Cheers, I will keep an eye on the feed for your art!

WOW you are incredibly talented these are amazing

beautiful work!

Thank you !! @zenithwombat..!! Even you do great art, i keep on checking your sketchbook. Really your art work is very nice..!! One day i will steal your sketchbooks lol hehe..!!

Very nice drawing.

I've always admired people who have the patience to draw glass. Congrats!

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