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Thank you @pradeep.sidd68 for joining Photochain's photography contest. We appreciate your support and will reward you for each entry.

This contribution earned you 10 XP and 30 photons.
Don't forget to comment on other #photochaincommunity contributions to increase your XP multiplier and earn even more!

Daily statsOverall stats
Daily contributions: 8/∞Current level: 3
Daily XP: 80/∞Total XP: 250
Daily Photons: 180Total Photons: 420
Multiplier: 1XP required to level up: 390
Comments: 0/5Total contributions: 25

To receive the reward contact @runicar on Discord with your Ethereum wallet.
More info can be found at the contest announcement post.
Read more about Photochain on this post.
Try out the demo.